Thursday, September 8, 2011

white walls to write on

In the US school has already started, in the UK it will start this month and for me university starts at the beginning of October. After one year of doing internships I'm glad I can go back to campus. I love college life and fashion and I'm excited about decorating my new room. I already moved last week and unpacked most of my stuff. But I left the country on Wednesday again, so I only had two days in my new room. Since I decided to live in student housing, my possibilities to decorate it nicely are limited, but I found a couple of ideas I wanna try plus pictures I wanted to share with you.

I really like big rooms with a lot light and only a few things in them. I want the walls to be white, so all the things I put in the room will give it color. I am a big fan of pictures, either a lot of small ones or one big one. I have a huge b&w photo of a Chinese scenery in my old room (it's way too big for my college room, so I lefty it at home). In my room at school I have a b&w poster photo of the NY Times square. Yes, both are grey, but I have enough stuff to not make the room look too dull.

If you have a picture you really like, I found a great method how to make it poster-big on College Fashion

(PS: I really like this Japanese artist, I have a picture by him too)

Besides pictures, I also like curtains on the wall. I found this picture on weheartit and I will definitely hang a nice curtain behind my bed. This idea is great if you don't have a headboard (like me). 

 (And I will hang up some fairy lights too, I love them especially in winter)

As a student and a person who loves books, I think you cannot have enough of them. Purchasing them without limits will enhance your skills and knowledge, but inevitable take more and more space in your room. Here are two ideas to store books, which I will definitely try when I get back:

(found on moredesignplease)

(found on

I just love books, I could never have enough. And I treasure them a lot.
(on a sidenote: I'm reading Me talk pretty one day, by David Sedaris)


  1. i love the musings :) & 'm a huge fan of white walls too - which is why i'm so unhappy with the color of my room *sigh*. if it was at least painted light blue like our kitchen... anyways! i like the bookshelve ideas a lot! can't wait to see your new room & to hear about your studies. exciting times ahead! :)

  2. I love the curtain behind the bed thing. I don't have a headboard either. What did you use to hang up the curtain rod with? Thanks.

  3. This looks great ! Thanks for the amazing ideas !