Sunday, May 19, 2013

Inspirational Posters

I got these pictures from here.

#2 Notable People: Madeleine Albright

Background information:
Madeleine Albright, born 1937, was the first women to become the United States Secretary of State. She was nominated by President Clinton and was unanimously confirmed by the Senate vote of 99-0. She currently serves as Professor of IR at Georgetown University as well as Director on the Board of the Council of Foreign Relations. In 2012 she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Obama.

I found an interview with her here and want to share some parts of it:

- "When I was nominated for Secretary of State it were the men in our own government that were questioning whether foreign ambassadors would negotiate with me. However, I never had a problem with that."

- "Whenever you want to say something and you decide not to say it, force yourself to say it!"

- "Another thing I had to learn is not to take political discussions personally.

- "I'm probably the only Czech person that doesn't like beer."

- "Yet another thing I had to learn was not to care that people don't like you. There will always be people that don't like you."

- "I think if you listen with the intention to interrupt the other person, you listen a lot more closely. I call it active listening. But if you interrupt, you better know what you talk about. And don't raise your hand, in the end no one will call on you or a man is saying it more quickly without raising his hand. So, make yourself be heard."

- "Yet another thing I learned was to say "no". You just have to do it. And if other people have a problem with that, say it louder."

- "I think the world would be a better place if women had more leading positions who would work together with men to solve problems. I think women are less provocative, and more eager to find a consensus. And more focused on finding a solution."

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

back then

And I still want to make my little contribution to the fashion-categories of this blog. Between finishing readings, doing research, drinking coffee and being hungry, I took some time to browse the internet, and discovered some pictures I like.

Taylor Tomasi Hill's red hair reminds me of how my hair used to be a few years ago, and looking at her pictures made me feel a little nostalgic. What I like about these pictures is that fashion doesn't seem to matter, there is something else she is concentrating on. Style happens automatically.

Friday, May 10, 2013

#1 notable people

Our blog is changing directions as are we. Thus, I want to introduce a new category and talk about notable public characters. I read two interviews today, which were both quite inspiring and want to share those lines with you that had an impact on me or made me think. 

#1 Notable People: Diane von Fürstenberg

Background information: 
Diane von Fürstenberg, born 1946, is a Belgian born American fashion designer best known for her wrap dresses. She initially rose to prominence when she married into the German princely House of Fürstenberg. In 2005, the Council of Fashion Designers of America awarded her the Lifetime Achievement Award and the following year named her as their president. 

I found an interview with her in a German newspaper. These are the lines she said and the fact about her that impressed me: 

- Her mother was deported to a concentration camp, survived, and taught her daughter to always stay positive and make something great from something bad. DvF says she got the "bad memory for pain" from her mother.

- "I couldn't wait to grow up and become independent. My goal for life was independence and self-determination."

- "A woman can only be happy with a man, if she could leave him and be completely fine on her own."

- "The fact that I was a princess but went to work every morning was fascinating for the New York glamour society."

- "As a symbol of my independence I bought myself an apartment with a view on central park for my 30th birthday."

- " I wanted the life of a man in the body of a woman. I wanted to reverse traditional gender roles."

- "I could feel badly treated or rejected, but I never allowed a man to break my heart."

- "Letting your label go trashy is a mortal sin. A designer sells confidence."

- "Even after we hadn't been a couple for 20 years, we still talked on the phone every day and he was always there for me."

- "Pain and frustration can fuel your motivation. Without pain we will lose our driving power."

- "Wrinkles are souvenirs and the proof that you survived."

- In the first year of Obama's presidency, Michelle Obama wore a dress by DvF.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Things I will do after finals are over:

- Sleep in
- Paint my nails
- Read the Vogue I bought
- Go through all my clothes and give everything I don't need to my friend
- Watch a movie with my girls
- Start reading papers for my master thesis
- Look for jobs (yeah, those two aren't fun, but necessary)
- Start a new book
- Try new hairdos
- Clear out all the documents on my computer
- Party !
- Hang out in the sun
- Go through old post on apartment707 
- Read newspaper
- Go shopping

The next step

This morning I woke up, switched on my computer, made coffee, read d.'s post and suddenly became all excited about life. It's the last week of class, most of my projects are done, and finals are coming up. After that I will be out and about in NYC with two dear friends, and then I will be in Europe. My good old Europe, oh I can't wait. I made so many plans and I'm looking forward to put them into action.
I have an idea about what I want to do in the future and I wonder what made me do this decision. My age? Me being in NYC? Seeing that the alternatives won't work for me? Whatever it was, I wonder why it didn't occur to me earlier. I think being more confident can have a big impact on decisions like this.
In my heart I already completed my time here, and I'm almost itching to go back. It's always like that when transition phases become serious, isn't it?
Anyway, I want to see more of Europe, maybe d. will do a trip with me for a weekend, then we can discover a city together. Noh and d. conquering the capitals of the world !! New York (not a capital, but I still count it) London, Berlin, Beijing, Taipei (counting the last to is sort of cheating, but I turn a blind eye on that). Maybe Prag, or Copenhagen, or Paris are next?

bye bye fashionblogs.

After a long absence from blogging myself, and, in recent months, also from reading any fashion-centred blogs, I came to the conclusion to write about why I don’t feel like wasting my time on fashionblogs anymore.
I know that this is a pretty strong statement, but when my interest began to fade, at first I couldn’t even pinpoint why exactly. By now I have figured it out, and it is a trend that irritates me to a level of wanting to disentangle myself from it.

I remember that when fashionblogs first arrived on the scene, it was a wild array of funny, quirky individuals who simply liked to share what they wear on a daily basis. They were all sorts of girls (and some guys) – students, working, from big cities or from small towns. They enjoyed what they did. It was fun to watch them, to see styles develop, evolve, get stronger, take turns. It seemed like such a great way to document your own fashion history and to find inspiration from others.
 None of that remains. By now I feel like there’s a couple of generic “fashionblogger-styles”, and, worst of all, something else than fun has taken the center stage: consumerism.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop just as much as many girls (probably even more so), but I have to be realistic as well. In my position (and I think this is probably the case for many twenty-somethings) there are a lot of expenses which have to be covered. And most importantly, I need to invest in my future – not in Chanel handbags. I don’t have the resources which most fashionbloggers these days flaunt. I don’t have the money to constantly buy new things, and I certainly don’t have the time to be on the prowl for the best cheap vintage finds. To me, fashion blogs have gone from showcasing personal styles to showcasing personal purchases, which I think is a regrettable development. I find they lack the positive, playful attitude they used to have. They are about monetization (hey, I can understand that, and I think it is great if people can earn their money through having great blogs! It’s just not something that should take center stage, imho). They are about what pieces were bought where and when (and at what price, in some cases). They lack compelling writing and personal character.

They have become the exact same kind of advertisement that made me turn away from print magazines. 

I’m not saying that ALL fashionblogs out there have this sort of bland, catalogue-like quality of showing purchase after purchase without any content beyond staged photography that mimics the bland editorials of “fashion” magazines. There will surely be wonderful, gifted and hard-working bloggers out there who provide more than an onlineshop’s homepage, but I am so over the highly visible fashionbloggers that I just can’t be bothered.

It’s a development that has its own justification, and judging by the popularity which fashionblogs continue to have, it’s a business-model that seems to work just fine. It’s just not what I joined the community for.
Maybe I have changed just as much (or even more?) as the fashionblogosphere. Whatever the case, I just don’t identify with fashionblogging anymore. This does not mean I am done blogging, however, only that if I have the time, my posts will likely not be “fashion” related. My life revolves around a lot more than the latest designer x h&m collection, the new it-bag or must-have shoes…
…and to pretend otherwise just feels like such a major bore! 

xxx d.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


As Noh already mentioned I came to visit her in New York. It was an exceptional experience and such a great vacation. I loved everything about it!
We walked for miles and miles, had snacks and meals and shared our dreams, goals, hopes, plans - in short, our lives.
I am so glad that she invited me over, and (selfishly) glad, that we will live in closer proximity again soon... I have missed the easy exchange, and also the ways in which we are different, because it offers fresh, unbiased perspectives on where you are going with your life. It feels good to be your authentic self, as I rediscovered.
Unsurprisingly we also went shopping a lot... And I can't even pick a favourite piece that I bought, since I really followed my personal style goals.
one of the three things I bought which aren't immediately recognizable as very "me" - still, I love this regardless.
All in all it was such an amazing time. And, just as Noh always predicted & promised NY was absolutely inspiring!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Make a knot and remember

Two things I want to talk about in this post.

First of all, a lot has been going on. D. came to see me in New York City and we spent a lot of time just looking at the city and marveling about life. That’s what I have been doing for months, then I started redefining and over thinking a lot of things, and recently I started to make decision. And now d. was with me, being right at my side while I was drawing sketches of what I want my life to look like. 

Second, I singled out a few things that are annoy me and started to make a plan on how I can face them. Fortunately, I found this post the other day, on Dream a little bit Bigger. The post is about the sting-ring, a ring we wear that has a particular color. Each color stands for a certain idea (check out the color codes here).
Now, my idea is to combine a color with a certain feature that I want to chance. Then I will get some string in that particular color and tie it around my finger, just like a ring. This will ensure that I will constantly be reminded of what I decided. For me right now it would be making a stand for myself, being confident, being eager to show others what I can do, confronting others when they crossed a line (this is an important one!!). Almost like pulling a Blair (I have to admit, I’ve been watching Gossip Girl again …), and that color would be red. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

And you gave me wings and I used them

Lately, I don't have a source of inspiration anymore. I feel like all the fashion blogs I used to look at aren't quite what I want right now. Sooo much has happened, and I'm constantly evolving!
Tonight, after I came home from an exam, I took some me-time and browsed the websites of some designers I like. What quite caught my attention was Alexander McQueen's dragonfly patterns, which I find simply beautiful. They look effortless and dreamy.